The culture of Emo’s started with music in the 80’s. The music consisted of hardcore, pop and rock. At the end of 90s, the emo-culture started to be a lifestyle with an own fashion style, especially for youth.        

The Emo culture is actually a subculture of the Gothics, but there are more Emo’s in Holland than Gothics. The fashion of Emo’s is a mix of many others styles with of alternative clothes. There are much identifying marks for the style of the Emo’s, like: dark clothes, long black hair and one part of the hair mostly conceals one eye (or they have parts of their hair which are pink or blue) , piercings in their face, t-shirts with a name of a band or lyrics, Converse shoes and leather bracelets with studs.

You have already read that the emo-culture is a subculture of the Gothics, but the Gothics don’t agree with this. Their argument is that the culture of the Gothics started with the New Wave, while the culture of the Emo’s started with the Hardcore/punk music. Many people think that the stereotype of the Emo is of depressive, shy and wants to isolate him/herself from society. Some people also associate Emo’s with suicide or self-mutilation, but it has never been proved that this really happens.


A typical Dutch subculture is the culture of the ‘farmers’. They live, of course, on a farm and they often wear blouses with a blocked pattern which we call ‘houthakkersblouse’ and jeans which are way too long and wide and they wear worn-out shoes. There are many of people who thinkthat it’s characteristic  for farmers that they are rude and that they can act like a real bumpkin with bad manners, eating with open mouth, but that’s not always true of course.

Farmers like typical Dutch music and  farmers really like to drink beer. When they have a party, it is usually in a shed or a barn. For farmers it is not a decision that they want to live like that or that they decide to live like that because of political or filosofical norms. But a farm is mostly a family business, so the son  usually takes over the farm. And they are used to the ‘rude’ behaviour because their parents and grandparents also behave like that so famers learned, that when they were young and adopt this behaviour.

High fashion girls

High fashion girls are girls you often see in schools in Holland or in bigger cities. They usually wear real brands like Uggs, Louis Vuitton or Prada. These girls have long straight hair, ride on Vespa scooters and always have their phone in one hand and their bag in the other hand. On the street you can recognize them because of their jackets with real fur.

Their inspiration comes from magazines, television and blogs. . They wear clothes from big fashion designers and the high fashion girls see this. Celebrities are an example for normal people, they influence fashion is.

There are also girls who want to look like high fashion girls, but they cannot afford expensive clothing. So sometimes they save money to buy real Uggs and the rest of their clothes are cheaper copies. You can, for example, see that their bags are getting dirty or urgly very fast, because it’s not real leather.


Gabbers arised in the 90’s. The origin of the gabbers is the Rotterdammers rebelling against Amsterdam. At first it was a real regional style, but after 1994 it became more popular. The term ‘gabber’ means buddy or friend in Yiddish.

Gabbers are people who go to parties where they play their ‘gabbermusic’. This is music with a really fast rhythm and a sort of housemusic. Sometimes the music has more than 230 beats per minute. They dance in a special way, called ‘hakken’. You can see this in this video!


Gabbers usually wear trainings suits from Australian or Cavello and a bomberjack. Under this they wear Nike Air Max shoes. A lot of Gabbers are bold. The girls wear their hair in a very tight ponytail and sometimes they shave their head under their ponytail. Guys do this too.

The gabbers say being a gabber is always on the inside, it doesn’t matter how you look, even though they have very typical clothes. Gabbers are often associated with extremely right politic, because they always have really strong statements. Sometimes they are in a racist club and wear flags with swastikas. But of course not every gabber does that.

When gabbers think there is someone in the club, who should not be a gabber, they call him a zwabber, which means such as a mop. Outsiders, who are not gabbers, used to call them Anita’s and Sjonnies.